Manuscript Submissions

We are a Christian Publisher accepting Submissions

We are currently accepting manuscript submissions.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines
We’re always looking for quality authors that fit our mission .

       “ Our mission, at Concerning Life Publishing, LLC, is to deliver to the public, books that make a difference in the lives of the reader. We are a Christian publisher and our books have that flavor. We do not shy away from publishing Christian ideals and believe that there is a market for such books. We do believe that Jesus Christ changes lives through the written word.”

As a Christian publisher we are currently looking for manuscripts and we review all proposals. We will personally respond to unsolicited proposals usually within 24 to 48 hours.
General Guidelines:

  • Concerning life accepts submissions by mail or e-mail. (we prefer digital submissions)
  • Please allow sufficient time for our representatives to review your proposal.
  • Given the volume of proposals we receive, we are unable to return materials submitted. Please do not include originals of any sort and always, I repeat, always keep multiple back-ups of your work.
  • Because we will not return materials submitted, no need to include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

What to Include in Your Proposal:

  • Include a one-page cover letter giving a brief description of the project, why you think Concerning Life should publish it, what’s included in the package, and your contact information.
  • If your proposal is a simultaneous submission, please indicate this in your cover letter.
  • Please identify the intended audience and potential readership for the book. Who is the reader? What trends does the title speak to? Include a list of similar titles including the publisher, date of publication, and a brief explanation of how your book differs what’s currently available.
  • Include author/illustrator biography that includes publishing credits and any platform you/they may have

Where to Send Your Proposal:

Please send hard copy submissions to:

Concerning Life Publishing
Submissions Editor
16282 Gierman Dr.
Spring Lake, MI 49456
Or digital submissions to:

We look forward to seeing your work!

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a solicitation of any manuscript, or other material. Submission of any materials shall be done at the author/illustrator’s own risk of loss or damage. Please back-up all your material.

Concerning Life Publishing will provide the following:

We will provide an ISBN number and bar code for your print book

We will, in conjunction with the author, design and produce an appropriate cover.

We will format your manuscript for both print and digital use.

We will distribute all formats to the proper online outlets.

We will provide all order fulfillment.

We will pay royalties every quarter

We will provide all the printing and formatting costs associated with the project. (no cost to the author)

We will provide discounted copies for the author to purchase at a discount of 60% off retail price plus shipping. (no royalties will be paid on author discounted books)

Author will provide:

You will provide a completed manuscript (in MS-Word format Please not a docX file if possible) that is grammatically correct and proofread for spelling errors and misuse of words.

You will provide marketing for your book using your platform and all online/offline avenues that are at your disposal.

You will provide input into the cover design. (publisher has the final say on cover  and interior design)





We are a traditional Christian Publisher accepting Submissions.


  • Ngcwele Gwegwe says:

    Concerning life is indeed a blessing, lve come to know it at the right season. I have the following concerns
    1. Which country are you in, lm a South African
    2. Do you need upfront publishing fees from authors?
    3. If the marketing must be done by the author, can anauthor hire a marketing company?
    4. How many pages should we submit
    5. Please state the fonts needed
    6. After submission, how long does it take to publish.

    • admin says:

      Ngcwele, We are a USA based company. We do not charge any upfront fees from authors all of our revenue is made through the sales of the books. We do some marketing but the majority of books are sold through the authors marketing and yes you can hire outside marketing firm but we need to approve the firm first. If you want to you can submit the entire manuscript or a brief synopsis of it. Totally up to you. We prefer either New Time Romans or Ariel font size 12. Publishing dates are set as books come into the Que. It does take time as book covers need to be designed, editing needs to be done and formatting for both print and e-books need to be done. We are currently only looking for inspirational fiction. If you have a submission please follow the instructions on the submissions page.


  • Miron Lovric says:

    I want to submit Biographical work. There are four parts to the book about my junior years going through school after being dumped into a welfare home at age 11. I am one of the abused children of migrant descent in Australia and I can provide names of these abusers who uded to bash me, kick me, smash my head against brick walls, even names of the other children, all boys who studied with me. I even have a copy of my welfare transcripts given me under fF.O.I. Of Australia. I could send 5 scripts by email submission to be published on humanitarian grounds. I currently live in the Philippines. Miron Lovric.

  • Dreyer de Kock says:

    How do I go about to send my proposal for publishing via e-mail?

  • Georgiafay says:

    Good day Dennis
    Do you publish children’s fictional story books regarding Virtues?
    Thank you.

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